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Snood Slide 2.0

An addictive puzzle game that will appeal to adults and kids alike
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Snoodslide is a puzzle game with very attractive graphics that may appeal to adults and kids alike. The objective of the game is to turn the whole grid into gold by creating groups of least three adjacent matching snoods by dragging lines in various directions. There are two game modes to play: snood journey and snood gauntlet. The first one lets you play in a relaxed way without a time limit, traveling through a sort of galaxy where you will find bonuses and other surprises. The latter mode offers a fast-paced gameplay that challenges you to complete a level within a few minutes. In both game modes there is a ‘danger meter’ that controls how long it takes you to find matches, and if this meter reaches the top, then a snood will be transformed into a numbskull. Numbskulls are very annoying because they will block your moves preventing you from creating matches, so in order to avoid them your moves should be precise. In case you need some help, there is a crystal ball on the right that you can click to get some hints.

Although the concept of the game is not original, Snoodslide is so well designed and attractive that it can keep you playing over and over again. Also, as you advance the grid will change its shape, and this adds a bit of variation and difficulty to a gameplay that otherwise would become repetitive and dull.

The game is available for Windows and Mac, and from the website we can download a free trial version that will work for an hour.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Attractive, colorful interface
  • Two game modes and many levels to play
  • Addictive gameplay


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